The Paul Atkins Real Estate Update
June 2018

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Santa Clarita Real Estate Market by the #’s

(included Stevenson Ranch excluded Acton & Agua Dulce)

I hope this finds you & yours healthy & happy.

The first quarter of 2018 is in the books, here is a snap shot of our market

I am asked all the time, what’s the appreciation rate ?
The appreciation rate is proportionate to the supply and demand.
Properties in the higher brackets appreciate at a lower rate than the properties under $600,000. For 2018 , I think we will see appreciation of 5% to 8% on the properties under $600K. Properties in the $600K to $900K 4% to 7% . Properties over the $900K range should expect 3% to 6%.

The market changes from area to area ~ Price ranges ~ tracts.
If you would like a much greater detailed report specific to your home , I am happy to provide you with one.

We all know the best time to sell anything is when demand is high and supply is low conversely today’s inventory is not good news if your buying unless you are in the higher price ranges.

A balanced market = neither a seller or buyer advantage is defined as 180 days worth of inventory.

I have calculated days worth of inventory at 2018 YTD consumption rate for each price bracket (Not Market day’s). NOTE: the consumption rate would be higher in some ranges “IF” we had more active inventory. Active inventory in each price range broken down into Day’s worth of “active” inventory at 2018 YTD consumption rate.

• Under $200,000………………. 60 days
• $200,001 to $300,000………. 33 days
• $300,001 to $400,000………. 32 days
• $400,001 to $500,000………. 31 days
• $500,001 to $600,000………. 46 days
• $600,001 to $700,000………. 59 days
• $700,001 to $800,000………. 67 days
• $800,001 to $900,000………. 95 days
• $900,001 to $1 million…….. 106 days
• $1,000,001 or above………… 212 days

My family & I appreciate your friendship & support.

~ Paul Atkins

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